Whether you are looking for a new home or new investment in Montenegro, the Montenegro Concierge DMC will deliver the top quality service regarding 


• Property management, 

• End-to-end property enhancement and 

• Tailored renovation services.


Our professional and passionate team will do the necessary to fulfil your needs, whether you desire to purchase an estate in some of our luxurious complexes - Lustica Bay, Porto Montenegro or Porto Novi, or an estate like traditional stone or luxurious villas in the Bay.

Montenegro Concierge DMC offers exceptional estate management services to complement and complete the purchase of your next real estate investment. Covering all areas necessary for maintaining all your properties, we keep your assets in the best condition possible. We'll assess your potential property before you make that significant investment, providing you with a detailed analysis of the actual cost of your real estate purchase.


Our fundamental concept is to assist our clients with what they need when they need it!


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