Montenegro Concierge DMC aims to focus on responsible tourism and sustainability activities, creating a special relationship with nature, respecting its cultural heritage and tradition, and insisting on local communities' involvement. Enjoy the national parks of Montenegro, where your team can compete by planting trees with a professional arborist, or allow your children to learn about eco-friendly lifestyle while making birdhouses on Skadar Lake's shore, known as the largest bird reserve in the area. 

Our intention to help to preserve the environment for future generations doesn't end here. While creating tailor-made tours, we will encourage you to think about cycling tours instead of bus tours.

If you chose to play golf in Montenegro, we would bring you to Luštica Bay, where they reuse greywater for golf course irrigation.

An inevitable part of the Montenegrin journey is its extraordinary delicious cuisine, rich in organic products and local ingredients. Feel Montenegro through the local winemaking method in 200 years old vineyard or meet Montenegro's hidden and rural places' local customs.Delete 

Those are only a few examples of how Montenegro Concierge operates highly customised travels by minimising the negative environmental and social impacts. 

Do you want to enjoy an endless world of sustainability activities, eco-friendly actions, or socially responsible operations that will enrich your employees' team-building or intrigue the imagination of your children? Come to Montenegro, a rising star of eco-tourism that has it all!

To positively impact the environment, we promote sustainable transportation in Montenegro, from environmentally friendly cars to electric tuk-tuk, from famous Tesla e-cars to solar boats. 

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