For almost 30 years, Montenegro is proud to be an ecological state, so deciding to organise your sustainable event in Montenegro is the proper choice! Whether you want to take a step further to reduce the significant negative impact or want to leave positive legacies that benefit the community, you can be carefree! 


The Montenegro Concierge DMC team has an approach of integrating environmental and social responsibility issues into event planning.


Montenegro Concierge DMC team has the full list of appropriate green venues for your next sustainable event 


• Sights at National Parks such as Karuc or Biograd Lake to 

• Fascinating Lipa Cave or 

• Historical sights such as Doclea.

Our tailor-made approach will exceed your expectations because we believe in a new way of event design permeating your company's vision and mission. 

When organising an eco-friendly event, the reduction of negative environmental impact is on our minds! The use of the solid waste plan combined with zero-waste catering and seasonal products from local markets is high on the list of our priorities. When planning your event, we contact local suppliers for sustainable gifts and conference kits made of natural materials that are easily degradable, making a direct and indirect economic impact and a social impact on local artisans.


The team of Montenegro Concierge DMC will assist with 


• Event management, 

• Eco transport, 

• Local organic food, 

• Local organic drinks, 

• Music, 

• Stage and light production. 



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