Bachelorette party in Montenegro

Bachelorette party in Montenegro

Say “I DO” to Montenegro for your bachelorette party

Want your bachelorette party to be unforgettable? Learn why Montenegro is the best place to organize it and what it can offer.

You already said yes to wanting to share and celebrate your love forever with your partner, but have you said yes to where you are going to start the celebration of your love? Like every delicious meal is accompanied by an appetizer, your marriage should be accompanied by a bachelorette party; and what better place to organize it than Montenegro?

The wedding itself is stressful enough, so let us make this experience less stressful than it can be and more fun than you ever imagined. Luckily for you, Montenegro is a country full of opportunities and endless surprises, offering a wide range of excellent services and an amazing time. So, let’s begin exploring, shall we?

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a more energetic trip or a calmer one because Montenegro has it all.

Here are some of our suggestions for planning the best pre-wedding event:
1. Glamping getaway

It’s no secret that glamping has been on a rise for several years, offering you the best stay in nature whilst still having the comfort of a safe home. You and your friends can enjoy the beautiful wild beauty of Montenegro and spend your bachelorette party by getting closer to your friends and cherishing all the memories you created before this travel and during this travel. The beauty of glamming is that it allows you to have your days will be filled with laughter and good fun, whilst being able to find yourself at ease, relaxing in nature, and feeling connected to yourself, each other, and nature. On the plus side, glamping is a perfect escape from the stress of wedding planning.

2. Party till the sunset

If you want your bachelorette party to be all about partying, you will never go wrong if you choose some of the best beach clubs in Montenegro like Nikki Beach Club or Tapasake Club. It’s the emphasis on partying that’s important here and we can guarantee that you will have the time of your life! Nikki Beach Club will take you to the tropical paradise with the boho-chic decoration and tropical scent that oozes through the beach club. On the other hand, Tapasake Club’s vibrant and chic atmosphere will show you how wonderful is to party on the Adriatic Riviera, and who knows maybe you will pick a date with some of the most exquisite performers that they bring during the season.

3. Wellness and yoga time​

As said, wedding planning can be very stressful, and a wellness and yoga getaway can be more than beneficial for you and your attendees. Fortunately, Montenegro has some of the best wellness and yoga retreats, offering you paradise on your hand. Last year, Montenegro welcomed the leading health and wellness brand Chenot at One&Only, Portonovi. At One&Only they describe the Chenot Wellness experience as a transformative journey of detoxing and resetting the body based on the Chenot Method which is filled with tailored programs and treatments that are scientifically designed to enhance your vitality and optimum health. As for the yoga retreat, there is a beautiful Asuma. This wonderful oasis of vitality set in the Nation Park Lovcen is a perfect place for your bachelorette getaway. The main goal for this bachelorette getaway is to promote health and wellbeing through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. Allowing you and your attendees to step away from the wedding stress and slow down, relaxing and enjoying your solitude.

4. Float on the wine scents of Montenegro

An interesting fact that you maybe didn’t know is that even though Montenegro is one of the smallest countries in Europe it has the largest vineyard in Europe. “13. Jul Plantaze” was established in 1963 and is the largest viticultural and winery in Montenegro. Also, there is an endless number of home-owned wineries offering magnificent wines. What we would suggest is tours all around Montenegro, visiting historical places, all while enjoying some of the best wines out there.

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