Boats in Montenegro

The ultimate traveler’s guide: Discover the best boats in Montenegro

A few days ago, we heard someone describing Montenegro as an “amazingly well-kept secret” and we couldn’t agree more with that description. What is so special about Montenegro is the variety of options it offers in just a few hours of your stay, not only that but the richness of history and tradition that oozes through the air. Thus, we would like to recommend some of the best ways to explore this amazingly well-kept secret that we know as Montenegro, the Black Mountain. Not many people can say that they sailed in the beautiful Boka Bay, and even fewer people can say that they did it on the best ships out there. Get on board and let’s explore the beautiful Boka Bay with the best boats in Montenegro.

Tahiti 80

Cruising on majestic Tahiti 80 is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories. The impressive size and wide deck of Tahiti 80 can accommodate up to 96 guests and allows them to move comfortably on the boat. The catamaran is well equipped with a reliable guard rail alongside the vessel ensuring the safety of guests. This spacious and extraordinary catamaran is perfectly created for parties, boat trips, weddings, and many other events. Tahiti 80 promises a spectacular adventure around Boka Bay.

Boat Knez Lipovac

The majestic Knez Lipovac will transfer you to an enchanted time with its looks. This wonderful wooden boat will be the reason why you will want to come again and again to sail the glorious Boka Bay. Boat Knez Lipovac is suitable for larger groups, up to 150 people, and consists of two decks. On the embarkation level is the dining area with bar, while the upper deck serves as the entrainment spot, allowing guests to sunbathe, drink cocktails, and dance if they are you to it. This boat is a perfect place to organize exceptional events such as weddings, birthday parties, private dinners, and many more. The boat consists of all the necessary equipment.

Blue boat Marija

The captivating look of this boat is what makes this experience so unique. When you enter the Blue Boat and head to the front you get a feeling like you are supposed to go on an underwater adventure. This perfectly equipped boat can easily fit up to 150 guests. It’s a perfect boat to spend your day swimming and relaxing, having lunch or dinner while cruising the Boka Bay.

Katica Boat

With three large decks and space to fit up to 350 guests, Katica Boat promises the best experience for larger groups. Imagine taking your team or gathering all your favorite people in one place and embarking on the adventure of your life. Whether you want to cruise the Boka Bay during the day, enjoy the glorious Boka Bay views, relax and sunbathe or during the night and experience the magnificent art of lights dancing on the water, you will not miss with Katica Boat.

What we would like to mention is that all these boats are perfect for hosting a conference of any sort. Just imagine holding or listening to a conference surrounded by the blue water and mountains, beautiful, isn’t it?

If you want to organize anything on boats in Montenegro that will take your event or meeting to another level, or just to know more about our country, contact Montenegro Concierge DMC team.