Montenegro at Expo 2020 Dubai

Montenegro’s presence at the Expo 2020 Dubai, one of the most prestigious events for the promotion of countries and their potentials, gave it the opportunity to present itself to a global audience as an attractive and economically stable investment destination alongside its breathtaking nature, UNESCO World Heritage sites and an easy and pleasant lifestyle.

Expo’s large international audience had a chance to see Montenegro’s natural beauty, got a glimpse of the unforgettable harmony between sea salt, mountain forests and high peaks covered in snow; some of the top luxury developments, old town walls, historical villas and mountain cottages. All whilst enjoying home-made traditional food and the warm welcome of friendly local people.

We bring you a small piece of the atmosphere captured by Ismail Noor. You can also read the excellent special edition issue of the Luxury collection magazine on the link below and see if you can spot us.