Exclusive Interview with Dukley Hotel & Resort

In this series, we would like to introduce you to a very important participant in the realization of the best MICE projects which are hotels. We had a wonderful time interviewing our hotel partners and we are eager to share their experiences. You can expect to read about their thoughts and experience in the industry itself. They may often go unnoticed but in essence, they are one of the main pieces of the puzzle that creates the perfect MICE project. Having this said, we hope that you are as excited to read about their experiences as we are to share them!

Inspired by local, diverse nature, Dukley Hotel & Resort brings you a protected retreat, a place to enjoy New Mediterranean in its entirety. You are free to select preferred ambient for your stay, from marvelous panoramic view at Sunny Hill, peaceful sanctuary among lush plants at Gardens, or unparalleled touch of emerald water from your terrace at Seaside.

Here is what Maria, the sales manager of the hotel had to say about Montenegro being an ideal MICE destination and what their hotel has to offer.

Maria, the sales manager

Why is Montenegro an ideal MICE destination?

Montenegro completes all prerequisites for a flourishing MICE tourism in terms of safety, a variety of accommodation options, rich local culture with exceptional cuisine, diverse nightlife, thriving cultural scene and year-round mild climate that enables varied outdoor activities.

I find that Montenegro simply and completely entices you, it captivates you with every corner - from the pristine sea-shore, to the untouched nature of the north. There is so much to do in a land that boasts five national parks and four UNESCO heritage sites; a place that is home to the Mediterranean’s only fjord, world’s highest mausoleum, Europe’s deepest canyon and one of the three remaining rainforests in the old continent... There is so much to uncover in a land endowed with more than one hundred sandy and pebble beaches that extend over the 293 km long coast, as well as more than thirty lakes, scattered everywhere, from its shoreline to the mountains in the north.

What makes it even more alluring is that all of this can be found in a land that is smaller in size than the Bahamas or Spanish Province of Sevilla, more than two times smaller than Hawaii or Catalonia.

What makes your hotel recognizable in the MICE industry?

Blessed with a unique location at the heart of the Montenegrin metropolis, yet secluded in the heavenly natural oasis – Dukley Gardens is a unique destination for all MICE activities. The merge of the calming sea, lush gardens and top-tier service is a combination ideal for weddings, business conferences and celebrations of any kind. 

What makes us stand out among others is the diversity we offer both in terms of accommodation options and event venues – we boast two five-star hotels with 65 high-end rooms and residences, a four-star hotel with 45 spacious rooms, and a total of seven unique event venues, including a conference hall with multimedia equipment. This, alongside our attentive staff, enables us to cater to every type of event with such a commitment and a variety of options that can satisfy our client's every need and desire.

How would you describe working with our agency?

Our professional alliance with the Montenegro Concierge DMC has been nothing but truly delightful. We are grateful for the smooth, competent and efficient teamwork they have provided, delivering graciously and more than expected. We are genuinely looking forward to our upcoming ventures together.

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