Exclusively Yours – Mamula Island Hotel

Imagine having an exclusive hotel all to yourself and your team… Now, what if we tell you that we can make it happen in a matter of a few minutes? Montenegro Concierge DMC can organize the most memorable getaway for you and your whole team – a buyout of Mamula Island Hotel

Given the upheaval from the last couple of years, an escape to a luxury island is all you need! It’s the perfect blend of experiencing and enjoying the destination with your team. 

The concept of the buyout is not new, but rather one that has been nourished for years. It’s the ultimate experience for meetings and incentives, that transforms the whole hotel into your own, ultimately providing the highest level of personalization, privacy, and exclusive access to facilities within the hotel. Each member of your team will be individually recognized and rewarded. It’s by far one of the best ways to create a sense of community and connection. 

Let us take you for a tour of Mamula Island Hotel and prove that this unique hotel is just what you are looking for in a buyout!

Mamula Island Hotel is located in Boka Bay, the UNESCO World Heritage site in Montenegro. It was originally built as a fort back in 1853 by the Austrian Admiral Lazar Mamula, and its purpose was to protect the entrance of the Bay of Kotor. Despite being built as a protection fort, the fort was used as a prison during the World Wars and was abandoned for years, leaving the stunning architecture and history to slowly decay. The 19th-century fort was then carefully restored and turned into one of the most luxurious hotels in Montenegro, keeping the architecture intact and the history cherished. The position of the island itself is unusual and enchanting, which will allow you to experience Montenegro especially. 

Mamula Island Hotel has 32 luxurious rooms (10 rooms, 14 junior suites, and 8 suites) which will mesmerize you with every detail. The rooms also offer you to choose from which part of the island you and your team members want to admire during your buyout, offering room types named Garden, Sea, Sky, and Panoramic.

Not only will you and your team members be able to enjoy such stunning architecture, but you will get the chance to indulge in a delicious and thoughtout menu threaded with Montenegrin tradition of combining rich cultures and creating a perfect symphony. With several food and drink outlets, Mamula Island offers everyone something for their taste buds. 

Mamula Island Hotel also has a variety of options for your free time at the island, providing its guests with a spa, three pools, an outdoor (with a running track) and an indoor gym, a studio with classes, and innovative workshops and masterclasses. Mamula Island Hotel truly has it all. 

You can also find Mamula Island in the new Forbes article “Offbeat New Places To Stay For 2023”, where Mamula Island Hotel is listed as one of the new and unusual hotels on which you should keep an eye out in 2023. Are you ready for the unique experience that this remarkable hotel has to offer?

If you are ready for Montenegro Concierge DMC to plan your buyout or would like to learn more about the buyout of Mamula Island Hotel, or would just like to know more about our country, contact us at info@montenegroconcierge.com