Horseback Riding And Wine Tasting In Montenegro: Useful Tips To Know

Montenegro is the perfect playground for organizing one a kind corporate events or meetings because you could be creative as you can imagine! An extraordinary method of transport to the venue, the best quality drinks and food, fresh air with breathtaking vistas - we have it all!

Montenegro Concierge DMC team has chosen the most decadent routes and venues for you, so you can feel authentic Montenegro while having an unforgettable corporate event, private event, or meeting. Horseback riding and wine tasting in Montenegro is the way to boost your event and impress your colleagues or clients.

Horses have been an integral part of life in Montenegro; for many centuries, it was the only way of transportation. Many 'katuns' (temporary pastoral summer shelter, on the mountain) in our beautiful country testify to the existence of horse breeding and cattle, and now those places and spots are lodging places in eco-villages for tourists exploring Montenegro, by foot or on horseback.

There is no better way for horse lovers to enjoy a leisure stroll on mountain trails or valleys than on a horse! If you are a beginner, you should know that horseback riding can be physically demanding, but if you follow the guide's instructions, you might be allowed to gallop! When horseback riding, you will be able to see beautiful and hidden places you cannot access or visit by car or ATV, like well-hidden mountains, rivers, forest scenery. Imagine swimming in secret water holes or eating wild fruits in abandoned orchards; all is possible in this great country!

If you are a traveler that likes to make 'grape decisions,' then a route around Skadar Lake wineries is the answer! You should hop on a saddle with your loved one, a friend, or whomever you want and enjoy the domestic wines of this very famous wine region of Montenegro

Skadar Lake, a dolphin-shaped lake, is the largest lake in the Balkan, whose 'body' is in Montenegro, while the 'nose' is in Albania. Since 1983 it has become the National Park and the ultimate attraction to tourists. The main cities around it are Virpazar and Vranjina places rich and culture and outstanding beauty. 

We know you know, but it is never too bad to mention that there is much food while wine tasting, and now, let us talk about that! 

In Montenegro, we taste and drink wine with Njegusi prosciutto, cheese, and olives! Njegusi prosciutto, a climate-conditioned food that is a protected food specialty of Montenegrin cuisine, is ham that perfectly enhances the taste of wine with its delicate structure, smell, and saltiness! The famous cheese from Njegusi is kept in airy places shaded for some months and is rich in milk fats that are a great addition to the prosciutto. And for the authentic Mediterranean finish - there are juicy olives! 

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