Hybrid Event and Conference in Montenegro

As the pandemic has taken its toll on the meetings and hospitality industry, the MICE industry and destination management companies have been particularly vulnerable to the enormous waves of postponements and cancellations. All the mentioned industries' subjects had to adapt to the situation and expand their expertise - DMCs respond to the crisis with a mix of ingenuity and moxie, developing new skills, expanding their offerings, and retooling their business practices to become more sustainable forces in the meetings industry. 

We could say that the meeting industry has changed; it is more online than offline or combines these two modules, which means two audiences! These hybrid events combine live and online event components while having the purpose of connecting people. Now they have helped rescue our communication needs because our mobility being has been affected. They are a fantastic tool, explicitly used to support 'face-to-face' events.

If you want to organize your next hybrid event or a conference in Montenegro, then the Montenegro Concierge DMC's list of suitable indoor and outdoor venues will take your event or conference to the next level!

Hybrid events can take many appearances, as it depends on the event's format and audience having one thing in common: they put the audience's journey first for both audiences. While organizing or hosting a hybrid event, you increase your reach and gain more attendees because you lower the entry barrier for the audiences' demographics. A virtual element of your live event gives you more engagement opportunities because your virtual audience actively participates from their mobile devices or desktop computers, meaning they can talk, share, like, comment, and much more.

Hybrid events are a treasure for sponsors for a couple of reasons - an increased reach, one-on-one communication with interested parties live and online, increased sponsorship opportunities (live and virtual sponsors), and reportable metrics. 

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, then going hybrid is a perfect choice! Going hybrid means lees need for the catering and disposable accessories. Hybrid events also significantly decrease travel costs. 

The Montenegro Concierge DMC has followed the changes in the audience's needs to adapt your events or conferences in Montenegro to the current requirements, but we hope that, in the future, we will get back to the face-to-face events and conferences because there is a big difference when we think about information delivery. Sometimes, information is delayed via online formats due to differences in technology or is lost, non-heard, or similar. Also, one of the basic human needs is the need to belong to the community - one needs to socialize with others in person, so it is unlikely that any technology will fully satisfy this.

If you want to discover the list of the most decadent indoor and outdoor venues in Montenegro that will suit your next hybrid event or conference, then contact us at info@montenegroconcierge.com.