Hiking in Montenegro: Coast Edition

Spring activities in Montenegro

As the winter dies down and nature starts to come alive again, we feel blossomless of nature. Consequently, the urge to spend more time in the nature is more apparent. Some like to enjoy drinking their coffee by the sea, some like to garden, and some like to be more active; all of this allows us to get back in touch with our outdoorsy self. If you are in the category of being “more active” during springtime, then stick with us.

Montenegro Concierge DMC team has selected some of the most fun, engaging, and challenging spring activities in Montenegro just for you. We invite you to go on a small trip around the coast of Montenegro with us, just let us know when you are ready.

So, we already agreed that spring is reserved for getting back in touch with our outdoorsy self, and what better way to start it than with a hiking trip in Montenegro. For this, we have chosen a picturesque hike above Budva (Montenegro). The hike starts from Brajići following the path to the fortress Kosmač (Austrian fortress from the XIX century). The fortress was a border fortification on the Austrian – Montenegrin border. Fortress Kosmač overlooks the road between Budva and Cetinje, the view offers you the true beauty of Montenegro captured at one place, the beautiful sea from one side and glorious mountains from the other side.

The hike continues through the old Austrian road, and a fun fact about this road is that it lasts all the way from Ulcinj to Herceg Novi. In some parts, it’s accessible for off-road vehicles however for this adventure you can also opt for a mountain bike or quad if you want to make your hike more memorable.

During this hike, you will have a chance to visit two monasteries and learn more about their history. You will cross the Jegorov path and get to experience the marvelous view of St. Stefan and Miločer. Many would argue that this spot offers the prettiest view in Montenegro, but we will leave it up to you to decide on that.

If you would like to discover more about this hike or hiking in Montenegro, and would just like to know more about our country, contact us at info@montenegroconcierge.com