Outdoor Meeting Venues in Montenegro

If you want to organize your next business meeting in Montenegro, then the Montenegro Concierge DMC’s list of outdoor venues will stun you! What about a themed meeting at the historical venue or ancient summer theater, or something slightly different - an industrial-style site? Montenegro has it all.

Kanli Kula, a 'Bloody Tower' in Herceg Novi, is the venue for significant corporative events with 1500 capacity of seats. The tower dominates the city with its size and position (the height is 85 meters above sea level). Kanli Kula used to be a complex fortification system. In the written documents, Kanli Kula was mentioned for the first time in the XVII century. Over time, it suffered significant changes and destructions; the tower's final shape got during the Turkish reign. Today is a museum and a venue for various events. If you want to add a medieval touch to your event while enjoying the beautiful vista of Herceg Novi, then you are at the right place!

Under the Orlov Krš in Cetinje in 1951, a summer stage was built, an ancient amphitheater-like with the stage's design and the auditorium. In the same year, in that specific ambiance, on marking the centenary of Njegoš's death, the theater play 'Šcepan mali' was performed. In the eighties, conservation and restoration works were carried out so that the auditorium was enlarged and the functional qualities of this very acoustic and unique theater were improved.

Today, the summer stage is an open amphitheater where numerous performances, concerts, and similar events are held during the summer tourist season. With a 2000 seat capacity, this venue is perfect for large product launch events or giant conferences in Montenegro.

The central part of Montenegro, near Podgorica, is home to a monument complex in Barutana that commemorate the soldiers and civilians of Lješanska Nahija, who perished during many conflicts in this region. The first Montenegrin female architect designed this monument, which opened in 1980 July.

The monument complex's central element is a 12m tall assembly of thin concrete pillars forming a tower. A large arena was built adjacent to the tower for various uses. 

Today the site's primary memorial elements are in a good state. This venue of 150 – 180 seat capacity is perfect for various events and conferences in Montenegro. Montenegro Concierge DMC has an ultimate list of Montenegro's conference venues.

As we know, pandemic changed the way we meet, talk, think, and, of course, do business. 

Hybrid events in Montenegro are our new reality. Montenegro Concierge DMC team will organize every step of your next hybrid conference in Montenegro smoothly! We will create an interesting digital event to remember, not 'another boring online conference!'

Send us the details of your next meeting and our team will help you find the right outdoor venues for your most talked about meeting to date. Please contact us for more details on info@montenegroconcierge.com