Top 5 Venues in Montenegro, 2024 Edition

Top 5 Venues in Montenegro

2024 Edition

Natural blessings, historical, cultural, and traditional values have placed Montenegro very high on the World Tourist Offers list. People from Montenegro have been travelling for centuries creating a golden string between this area and the rest of the world. This created a similar social life, way of living and thinking with the European societies. This is also one of the reasons why and how this small country on the Adriatic shore, very quickly entered the race of tourism, side by side with the biggest tourist destinations.

Montenegro today sets as a top destination on the world tourism list due to its natural blessings, historical significance, cultural values, and traditional heritage. Thus, Montenegro Concierge DMC team has carefully selected and recommended five high-quality venues that perfectly combine global luxury brands with Montenegrin culture, natural beauty, and location, to give you a better understanding of the offer for 2024. 

Each venue is magnificent in their own way, providing some of the best service in the country, and for those reasons we have not rank them but rather list them below to let you decide which would suit your event the best! 


Set at the entrance of the Boka Bay, the captivating island of Mamula emerges, its unusual natural beauty adding a unique touch to this part of the world. Within its borders lies a profound tapestry of exceptional values and an extensive history of human presence in this corner of Europe.

The island's modern design restaurant blends harmoniously with the fortress walls, offering a gastronomic experience like no other. Not only will you be able to enjoy such stunning architecture, but you will get the chance to indulge in a delicious and thoughtout menu threaded with Montenegrin tradition of combining rich cultures and creating a perfect symphony. With several food and drink outlets, Mamula Island offers everyone something for their taste buds. 

Sunny, rainy, and windy days look different here, but experiencing sunrise and sunset on Mamula Island will leave you breathless.


The Limoneto restaurant is often described as more than a beach and more than a restaurant. The Limoneto is an experience, an escape from the ordinary. Lemon trees that are scattered through the restaurant remind us of a magical garden, skillfully creating a Mediterranean atmosphere. The freshest seafood delicacies are prepared by the best local and international food, with great magic in the menu, created by Eros Picco, a Michelin chef. With its rich wine selection, high-quality cuisine, and enchanting evening musical program, Limoneto promises an unforgettable experience.


Buddha Bar Beach, located in the beautiful Boka Bay, brings together the peaceful vibe of the blue sea and majestic mountains. It offers an infinity pool that visually merges with the sea and features a three-meter-high sculpture, named "8 possibilities", by Catalan artist Jaum Plens, taking us to another dimension. The restaurant specializes in exotic oriental flavors combined with local ingredients, creating a unique culinary experience. Enjoying Asian cuisine while admiring the southernmost fjord on Earth creates a truly unforgettable moment. Buddha Bar Beach is especially gorgeous during sunsets, each time reminding us how life can be so beautiful and magical.


Citadela Budva, situated within the Old Town of Budva exudes a sense of mystique and charm, transporting visitors back in time with its historical significance. The force of the sea hitting the city walls and walls of the Citadela, brings a feeling of powerful energy, which comes from the Mediterranean and other world seas. Its stone walls and cityscape add a sense of mystique, making it perfect for various events such as weddings, launches, gala dinners, and art exhibitions and many more. Not only are you going to enjoy the atmosphere of the Citadela Budva, but also the delicious menu alongside breathtaking sunset views. You will experience the inescapable sense of tranquility that lingers in your memory.


The long-awaited Forza QK has opened its doors last summer. Forza QK is an exceptional restaurant located on the slopes of Lovćen mountain, offering breathtaking views and a unique atmosphere. The restaurant features two parts - one where guests can witness the preparation of their dishes, and another reserved for a first-class dining experience. The menu consists of wonderful treats made from the highest-quality ingredients, accompanied by a range of top-quality wines. You can reach the restaurant via 25 serpentines above Kotor a scenic drive along the serpentine roads. However, if you prefer to have a panoramic view, you also can enter the restaurant directly from the cable car, with this option you will enjoy the picturesque view of the whole Boka Bay.

The importance of venue selection in event planning cannot be overstated. With the assistance of Montenegro Concierge DMC, achieving the perfect venue that meets your desires, needs, and expectations has never been easier. 

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