Top 3 Fine Dining Restaurants In Montenegro: Handpicked By The Editor

For the last decade, new investments in the hotel industry and hospitality, in general, have put Montenegro on the traveling map making it one of the favorite destinations of the jet-set elite. The yachting community has boomed and blossomed; Porto Montenegro, Portonovi, and Luštica Bay have opened their doors, capturing the imaginations and attention of culinary connoisseurs.

Fine dining in Montenegro will allow you to enjoy in all senses in restaurants on the edge of the deep blue bay, with mountains in the background with tasty local products and fruits directly taken from the Adriatic Sea.

The team of Montenegro Concierge DMC has chosen the top 3 fine dining restaurants in Montenegro that are suitable for individuals, groups, but also for the organizations of the private or corporate events, with the focus on the ultimate enjoyment in the high-quality signature fine-dining courses made of local products by famous worldwide chefs.

Bloom Restaurant and Champagne Lounge is nestled in the very heart of Portonovi Marina, overlooking its dazzling panorama. In this restaurant, only the highest quality product and techniques are used to prepare and present the food through artwork in the kitchen and white-glove service to its guests. The fresh take on the modern gourmet cuisine that fits any modern capital, supreme luxury, and the ultimate service are some of the many reasons to visit this restaurant.

If you want to find a place where family, friends, and food come together, then Kiki's at Luštica Bay is a perfect choice! Fine-dining courses are made of fresh and locally produced ingredients, focusing on Mediterranean cuisine and national dishes. Kiki's also stands out because of its not-so-usual ambiance inspired by summer and natural surroundings.

However, if you want to enjoy mega-yacht surroundings from a breath-taking terrace, then Forza Porto in Porto Montenegro is the answer! In this restaurant, you can enjoy signature French and Mediterranean dishes that will evoke your senses. A modern twist on classic dishes will take your food enjoyment on another level!

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