Top Three Boutique Hotels in Montenegro

Montenegro is a destination full of unique experiences, goals, accommodations, and activities. Winter in Montenegro offers stunning white landscapes and an opportunity to experience a wide array of exhilarating snow & ice adventures such as snowmobiling, snow buggies Etc. In summer, you could feel a unique experience of long summer days, wilderness hiking, 4×4 off-road adventures into the highlands, and horse riding.
Montenegro offers a beautiful range and diversity of accommodation, from luxury boutique palazzos to the rustic adventure Huts out in the wilderness, whose architectural beauty transformed Montenegro's fortunes.
If you are an A-list traveler, then the accommodation list of boutique hotels of Montenegro Concierge DMC will take your breath away! Our regional and local expertise, profound knowledge, and decade long experience make us your best friend in Montenegro! Check our suggestions for the top three five star boutique hotels in Montenegro!

If you are traveling with your family, stay at the family-owned hotel Forza Terra and feel at home! These five-star luxury boutique hotel in Dobrota has an authentic design while offering luxury and comfort equally. Fine dining, a unique experience, and 24/7 concierge services will satisfy every guest's need.
Forza Terra's suites and rooms are designed to evoke A-list fashion houses' aesthetic. Upgrade your gourmet experience in La Bistecca restaurant while enjoying fresh and organic ingredients of international cuisine! If there, don't miss signature tempura followed by one of the numerous worldwide wines for all your senses! 

If you want to enjoy an intimate Medditeranain atmosphere while tasting Micheline star chef's courses, chose Casa del Mare, a family-owned hotel group of six five star boutique hotels: Casa del Mare Mediterraneo, Casa del Mare Amfora, Casa del Mare Vizura, Casa del Mare Essenza, Casa del Mare Blanche, and Casa del Mare Pietra.

Casa del Mare Mediterraneo has themed 17 rooms and suites overlooking the sea, inspired by Mediterranean motives, spices, and herbs such as lavender, mimosa, olive, tangerine, pomegranate, seagull, and sailor. Take your wellness to another level relaxing in an indoor pool, a sauna, a steam room, a beach bar, or a seafront restaurant. A hot tub in the Zen garden, rooftop bar, and a fine dining restaurant is the ideal escape for romantic travelers. For the travelers who want to stay fit after gourmet excursions, there is a small gym. Bocasa beach, hotel beach, is a top summer place to swim in the clean sea, relax on comfortable beach amenities, excite your senses to the scent of lavender, rosemary, and remarkable beauty Boka bay while sipping a favorite cocktail.

In the center of Budva, in the yacht marina and next to the ancient Old Town, a small luxury boutique hotel Vissi d'Arte offers one of a kind guest experience. Opera as syncretic art is the base of inspiration in this hotel, especially when it is about the names of the suites and hotel itself; La Traviata, Tosca, Leoncavallo, Puccini, Verdi, Opera, Casta Diva, La Boheme, Luciano Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe, and Vissi d'Arte as a private executive royal apartment! You can see a grand concert piano and outstanding Lotthar's cherries pieces of art in this hotel!

In this hotel, art is everywhere! Even the food is a piece of art prepared with care and love! Rest like a royal in the best organic handcrafted beds globally, or relax at the seafront balcony. Unique digital experience and advanced smart hotel rooms provide the best in-room comfort. 

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