in Montenegro

New cruise ship routes, improved air accessibility, a large number of luxury hotels with top restaurants, represent Montenegro as a new destination on the Adriatic that you must visit. Airports in Montenegro offer great connections for charter or scheduled flights and all the necessary infrastructure for private aircraft. These are located in Podgorica and Tivat. The Cilipi Airport, located in Dubrovnik – Croatia and only an hour drive from Montenegro, plays a crucial role in attracting more visitors as this international airport offers flights all around the world.

Montenegro is connected with major European and world airports; flight time is approximately 2-3 hours from all significant gateways in Europe.

When it comes to climate, Montenegro has a Mediterranean climate on the coast and a Continental to Alpine in the north. The average summer temperature on the coast is 27 degrees. For those who do not like the summer heat, Montenegrin mountain ranges are the right choice, where the evening temperature during the summer drops to 10 - 12 degrees.


From May to October, you can expect delightful weather with an average temperature of 22 degrees. In the winter, the weather conditions change but remain mild, so the average winter temperature is 7 - 10 degrees, while in mountainous areas, the temperature frequently drops to 0.


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