This country is fascinating in every way. Nature, people, and culture show incredible differences in just one hour drive. On one side are the polite inhabitants of the coast, on the other - the proud highlanders, with whom you will best communicate with a receptive look and a warm smile.

These differences and contrasts, sometimes dramatic, are best expressed at the dining table. The smells and tastes you feel at a destination become a part of you and occasionally ring in your head - it's time to get back there!

Allure and seductive sandy beaches in the south and rugged mountains and romantic lakes in the north; the most modern night clubs on the Adriatic; campfires and the silence of nature on weekend rafting in the deepest canyon of Europe. Montenegro is a country of extreme contrasts. Get ready for it!

The Njeguši prosciutto and its unique taste, the Adriatic seafood flavours and fish form the rivers in the north combined with the wine Vranac aroma accompany every foreigner who has set foot in this country. Therefore, these have become - quite rightly - gastronomic symbols of Montenegro.

If you are looking for exquisite flavours that will caress your palate, you are in the right place!

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